We were very lucky to have Greg Peterson on the show today to discuss Urban Farming. Greg is an expert in everything farming, and talked with us about how to start an urban farm.

He covered everything from: 

  • The importance of Naming Your Farm (I’m going to name our farm Andyama)
  • Soil Quality being the most important thing to consider when getting started farming
  • Easy tip to add wood chips to your yard to improve the quality of the soil AND that you can get wood chips for FREE
  • Tree Farming vs. Garden Farming
  • Rain Water Collection Basics

He imparted so much knowledge about urban farming, and even provided additional videos on soil collection at Healthysoilhacked.com.

About Greg. Greg lives in a place he calls Urban Farm, which in size is 80 feet wide x 160 feet deep,  in Phoenix, … Read More...


Hugh provides stories for audiences between ages 3-11. Stories that Storynory publish are both original and existing popular fables.

This is a great way to get kids to utilize their imagination instead of having them watch the television. I love the concept of audio stories, and that Hugh makes it accessible to everyone. I also thought it was interesting that he does not think about morals with the stories.

Enjoy the episode with Hugh from StoryNory.

Hugh Fraser, Co Founder of Storynory

About Hugh. Hugh was a journalist for many years before working for BBC radio. After quite some time in journalism, Hugh wanted to do something different, so he called up a friend, Matthew Lynnalso a journalist, to setup their own business. They started off as consultants for blogs as well as consultants on how to interact in … Read More...

About the Episode:

Amanda is a mom of 4 boys. She, with the encouragement and support from her husband, was able to start her blog called Not Just Cute. Her family is now living in Utah where she continues to passionately write about children, whole child development, and a lot more.

In this episode, Amanda talks to us about her child development background and gives us great tips on how we can use positive language to help better communicate with our kids.

In addition, she mentions how even though she had a background in child development, it was a whole different beast when she actually had kids.

I think you will enjoy this entertaining episode, and learn a thing or two from Amanda Morgan.


Question: Tell us about who you are, who you were before doing the blog and before working Read More...

About the Episode: 

What I love about Mary Ann is that she is real. There is no fluff. She doesn’t put on pretenses about being the best mom in the world. She talks like a real mom with real struggles.

She started the blog as a way to remember positive memories with her kids. I love that! And, she’s got some gold nuggets that are really helpful such as:

  • The most focused time for her kids is between 10-12PM
  • Over the years, one of her biggest lessons is to relax
  • Think about things through your kids’ perspective


Question: Can you tell us about yourself?

I live in California with my husband, Mike, and we have 4 kids: Anna is 11, Jack is 9, Lydia is 7 and Anna is 4-yrs old.

Question: You have a wonderful blog called Mama Smiles, could Read More...