For moms thinking what school to bring their kids to, we have Mary Ellen Maunz to give us insights about Montessori. She is the Founder and Program Director of Age of Montessori in Bozeman, Montana. A mom of three, an author, and a 40-year experience in Montessori education, I’d say she has loooooot to share with us today.

Mary Ellen Maunz. Mary was a political science major at the University of California. She met a woman whom she admire who talked to her about her career, which at that point, Mary Ellen was still unsure where she wanted to go with political science. She was asked to think about Montessori to which Mary Ellen reacted saying, “What’s that?!”

She started reading a book called “The Absorbent Mind”, one of Montessori’s landmark books and it talked about the inner teacher.



Our guest for today is Lynne Goldberg, who is the co-founder of and OMG! I Can Meditate app. Lynne has a pretty phenomenal story of how she was a pretty stressed person, had a lot of hurdles she had to deal with in her life, and how through all those struggles, she came out the other side with clear vision on her passion in life – meditation. And, we are lucky that she is generously sharing that passion with us and the world today. And she is humble, because the advice she gives to us is that – if she can do it, any of us can do it.

Lynne. She got started with meditation because her mom got diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. The doctor suggested that meditation might be useful for her mom, and this was way back … Read More...

In this episode we have Lisa Bilyeu on. She’s the co-founder of Quest Nutrition, a billion dollar nutrition company, and a co-founder of Impact Theory, a company that helps empower businesses with their ability to effect change. But more than that, Lisa has the power of words and inspiration. In this episode, she explains how to break down her barriers specifically the fear of failure and she gives insights on how to look deep and tactics on how to overcome times when you just want to hide under your sheets. Because trust me we all had those days!



Maruxa coaches moms that wants to create value-driven businesses, as well as founding Perky-Perky coffee. She is also founder of Austin’s Moms Network. She hosts #aroundthecup, a daily dose of Maruxa and friends discussing parenting, finding your inner power, and everything in between.

Maruxa Murphy. She considers herself to be lucky and blessed to have found her mission in this world. She had a realization that she is here to encourage women to show up and step up in their power and voice. She learned all these through the different roles she has – especially her role of being a mom.

Her partner’s name is Dennis and she is a mom of three girls. She has a coffee brand called Perky Perky which invites women to step into their power from the first cup in the morning onwards.

She partnered to …