Today’s episode is for you if you’re an overwhelmed parent just trying to get through the day. Marie talks about her Create Balance Method where she helps her membership group clean up their “junk drawer”. She’s giving away 2 annual memberships if you’re looking for some more help to getting organized.



Book Recommendations:

Greg McKeown – Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

Greg McKeown – Summary – Essentialism: By Greg McKeown | The Disciplined Pursuit of Less (Essentialism| The Disciplined Pursuit of Less – A Full Book Summary – Book, Hardcover, Paperback, Audible, Audiobook)

Greg McKeown – Summary – Essentialism: By Greg McKeown: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less (Essentialism – A Complete Summary – The Discipline Pursuit of Less – Book, Paperback, Audio book, Hardcover, Audible)

Tiffany Dufu – Drop the Ball: Achieving More by Doing Less

Marie. …

Today’s guest is Dr. Carla Cupido. She is passionate about bringing movement into everyday life and not just through exercise like you normally would everyday but integrating that into your daily activity seriously is so important – it makes sense from a scheduling and lifestyle perspective. Honestly everything she talks about sounds so much fun. Enjoy today’s episode.

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Good Life project

Jonathan Fields – How to

Today’s podcast is with Erin Benson, the founder of With Purpose, a non-profit organization that helps to fight childhood cancer. Erin shares with us her very personal story of losing a child, of building again, and finding hope through the actions of neighborhood children who took on the mission of With Purpose and through their passion created phenomenal results.

Erin. Erin is a mom of three – Sam, Ada & Mae.

In 2013, her son, Sam, was diagnosed with a terminal type of brain cancer called DIPG. 10 days after the diagnosis, she gave birth to her twin daughters. That moment was what she considered a beginning and an end – a beginning to a new experience and an end to what a lot call “normal” which made her realize everybody has a story.

After giving birth to the twins, they were … Read More...

Pam Larrichia is an author, a blogger and a mom of three. She breaks about unschooling to help parents look for ways to learn and enjoy fully with their family this unconventional choice. She discovered unschooling in 2002 and shares with us her learnings and the joy that she’s found thru unschooling.

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Scott Noelle’s An Unschooling Life

Sandra Dodd’s Radical Unschooling

book recommendations:

Pam Larrichia Free to Learn: Five Ideas for a Joyful Unschooling Life

Pam Larrichia Free to Live: Create a Thriving Unschooling Home

Pam Larrichia Life Through the Lens of Unschooling: A Living Joyfully Companion (Living Joyfully with Unschooling Book 3)

Pam Larrichia What is Unschooling?: