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#41: 3 Unusual Ways To Save Money On Your Kids Birthday Party with Laura Schweir, Lead Party Planner and Designer of Wrap It Up Parties, Chicago’s Best Wedding And Party Planners

Laura is the lead planner and designer at Wrap It Up Parties. In this episode she covers the top 2 trends she’s seeing in party planning, how she would spend her money if she were planning her own party and five ways to save money in party planning without feeling like you’re skimping. Enjoy this episode with Laura  Schweir.

Laura. She started off as a pre-school teacher and loves it, but was not loving the profession of teaching. She found that she felt she needed to be a teacher because working with kids came so naturally to her. She’s been head of the Social and also headed up the Art department, added to that she had an Art minor so the creative aspect has always been there for her. So when she stopped teaching she was a part-time nanny and helped people with events and parties and came to love it. It was perfect timing for Wrap It Up to start that party division at the same that she was looking for something similar.

She started part-time, but is now full-time with Wrap-it-up, and she’s grown with the party side of it. She feels lucky that the timing worked out perfectly.

Wrap It Up.  They are a division of Bliss Weddings and Events, a sister company that does a full service wedding and corporate events or for a really large scale, and destination weddings as well. They just found that there’s a need for smaller aspects of cleaning, whether it’s partial cleaning for weddings or just that day off coordination and found out even more so that people are reaching out about smaller celebrations and showers and that’s how Wrap-it-up came about. It’s all about parties since celebration has taken off so much.Planning. There are 2 to 3 main things to think off as per Laura when planning a party.


It’s prioritizing what’s important for you, for your child, for the guests. Think about what you take away from other people’s parties as a guest. You can get easily fixated on a really small detail and be like “Do I remember that when I go away from parties?”

What you want to remember is that your child had a wonderful time since there was such focus on activities and entertainment. Or we had such a good time since everyone in the family was there. So prioritize what’s important and be realistic.

Don’t put the pressure on yourself to do everything to make every area of the party perfect and it’s not realistic. Choose that part that’s really important and that should be where you focus your time and money.

Get creative with your budget by making things multi-purpose, like making your sweets table also the backdrop for photo, or your favor bags are your center pieces, etc.

Hacks. First off, if the guest count is so high, there’s only little they can do as far as cutting the costs.

Fun hacks they found is cake. Tricks she found is asking the baker if they do a mixture of both butter cream and fondant cakes where it will have a butter cream base but the little characters added to that will be fondant. It helps you get the best of both worlds but at the same time the price is more reasonable than all fondant types of cake.

Another option is that if you don’t have certain characters or theme then you can go with the butter cream frosting and ask a florist to bring accent for your cake. And again, it would save you some costs.

Additionally, doing a variety of sweets – A cake and a mix of cupcakes.

Other ways to save money that Laura found is that a lot of people feel like they have to feed their guest a meal. It really just depends on the day and time of the party. If you make your party at 10AM or 3PM, no one’s gonna go expecting a meal at these times so then focus on spending your money on sweets and favorite snack. Don’t feel the need to provide a meal for every single one of your guest.

A couple other ways, with invitations you can do a paperless post and invites. It’s such a great way to save money.

While for venues, find venues that accommodate your guest count. A place where you can have multiple things going for them, like a venue with play spaces so then you’re not paying extra for activities. Find a space that has more to it than just that, coz’ if you’re going for a big open space then you have to think of so many things – how to fill the space, so then you’re thinking about rentals and things like that. So use venues that has things going on in them is really the best.


Hip Trends. A lot of people love the unicorn party. It’s so magical and whimsical and has all those pastel colors that people are loving.

Right now there are a lot of traditional themes but they still try to keep it a bit modern. An example is the jungle safari; however the colors are not the typical orange, green and brown, but it’s more of a graphic black and white with some palm leaves.


They’ve also seen a lot of geometric shapes, prism things which can be used for all ages.

Another, they’re seeing a lot of trends in cakes. The drip cake – cakes that are either naked or colored cakes where they have this gorgeous icing drip on top of it. And usually it’s either stuffed on top with flowers or a bunch of sweets, like doughnuts, meringue, etc that kind of  a beautiful mess of a cake.

Classic themes are still popular but everything’s getting more of a modern update. It’s more graphic, a little bit more geometric and not as primary colors.


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