Shannon is originally from Kentucky. She settled in the Houston area as a practicing maternal-fetal medicine specialist. She’s been working at a large academic center as an educator and researcher since 2004. Her patients consist largely of high-risk pregnant women who have various medical, surgical or fetal complications.

She met her husband at age 38 and they got married when she was 39. Unfortunately, they had very little luck in starting their family. They have undergone IVF procedure but failed for 5 times. So they decided to try an egg donor and they successfully conceived on their 2nd try with their egg donor. Dr. Shannon delivered twins at the age of 42.

Shannon had some complications during her pregnancy. She was hospitalized at 22 weeks due to a short cervix and preterm labor. Her twins were delivered at 31 weeks and … Read More...

Today, we’re excited to have Nicole Johnson on the show. She’s a baby and toddler sleep coach and a mother of two boys. She launched the Baby Sleep Site in 2008.  As part of the website she launched a helpdesk to provide more personalized assistance to families worldwide. By thoroughly researching she became an expert in sleep method, scheduling routines and babies developmental needs.

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Baby Sleep Site –

Episode 16: Why You Need to Get Up At The Same Time Everyday with Patrick M Fuller, PhD


Nicole. Married mother of two boys, 10 and 12. The baby sleep sight started out 12 years ago when she had her first baby.

Her baby just didn’t like to sleep at all and would wake up every 1 to 2 hours all night. She started reading and researching … Read More...

Naya Weber is a certified lactation consultant based in Austin, Texas. She teaches classes on breastfeeding education and blogs about motherhood, breastfeeding and more. In this podcast, Naya discusses topics such as what government support you could expect, what you shouldn’t be doing when breastfeeding; finally the must-have’s for breastfeeding moms.

Naya Weber. She is a wife and a mom of two boys, ages 7 and 3 1/2. She is also a lactation consultant where she helps families in the early stages of breastfeeding, working through issues they may have – like with latch or positioning, discomforts and/or questions on pumping. Naya works with an older infant whose about to transition to solid foods or with parents who are going back to work or anything that has to do with infant feeding, or transitioning to or away from breastfeeding.

Challenges. Breastfeeding …

In today’s podcast, we listen to Dr. Mark Trolice, the leading fertility expert in central Florida. He’s gone through infertility challenge personally, ultimately adopting 5 children and openly discusses the fear and psychological pain that accompanies so many women as they go on their pregnancy journey and yet the challenge that it’s still not out in the open today. He gives good advice putting an individual in control when experiencing fertility challenges, what fertility challenge really means and giving us all listeners permission to expect your doctor to care and to leave if that doctor is not living up to your expectations.

Dr. Mark Trolice. Director of Fertility Care the IVF Center in Orlando, Florida. Been in service since 2003 and offers all aspects of reproductive medicine, including in vitro fertilization.

He was a medical student for a week on the … Read More...