In today’s podcast, we listen to Dr. Mark Trolice, the leading fertility expert in central Florida. He’s gone through infertility challenge personally, ultimately adopting 5 children and openly discusses the fear and psychological pain that accompanies so many women as they go on their pregnancy journey and yet the challenge that it’s still not out in the open today. He gives good advice putting an individual in control when experiencing fertility challenges, what fertility challenge really means and giving us all listeners permission to expect your doctor to care and to leave if that doctor is not living up to your expectations.

Dr. Mark Trolice. Director of Fertility Care the IVF Center in Orlando, Florida. Been in service since 2003 and offers all aspects of reproductive medicine, including in vitro fertilization.

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Kass. She is a mom first and foremost, a businesswoman, a wife, and a friend. She mentioned it’s not easy to be all those things at once. Kass would give her perspective as a mom and working at the same time.

She had her first child a couple years into She had her second when they were in their five years into, while their last child a month before starting Buddy Media. They started in 1998 and had his eldest, Myles, in 2001. Her second son Cole in 2004. They sold in 2006 and then a month after had their third child Vivian.

Having it all. For Kass, having it all means not going crazy while having kids and trying to work outside the home. Her opinion is that

It’s not just you can’t, it’s that we


Language development is a huge part of a child’s progress and learning to speak is vital to their social developing, learning, and understanding. In today’s episode, Molly will talk us through some of the ways to help us encourage our babies to put their speech on the fast track.


Molly. She is a Speech Pathologist and Feeding Therapist in New York. She also manages a social media presence and website called “The Speech Teacher.” Her goal is to provide parents with quick and easy tips and activities that they can do at home with their children. Molly recently published “The Speech Teacher’s Handbook” on Amazon. It’s a quick and easy guide that parents can read in one sitting and it provides simple, fun and functional activities that can be implemented at home.

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