Kass. She is a mom first and foremost, a businesswoman, a wife, and a friend. She mentioned it’s not easy to be all those things at once. Kass would give her perspective as a mom and working at the same time.

She had her first child a couple years into golf.com. She had her second when they were in their five years into golf.com, while their last child a month before starting Buddy Media. They started golf.com in 1998 and had his eldest, Myles, in 2001. Her second son Cole in 2004. They sold golf.com in 2006 and then a month after had their third child Vivian.

Having it all. For Kass, having it all means not going crazy while having kids and trying to work outside the home. Her opinion is that

It’s not just you can’t, it’s that


Being a single parent is very difficult, but with the right attitude and the help of the right people, raising kids can be a little less stressful. In this episode, Delane, shares her inspiring story about her struggles as a single parent to her kids, how she managed to overcome the challenges she faced, and what she’s doing now to help others.

Delane. She was formerly a single mom with 4 children. She was on her way to a middle-class lifestyle with her then-husband, who’d previously been in the military. They were looking for a home, her husband was starting a new job, and she was was a stay-at-home mom. Life was pretty good for them. One day, in the course of him taking the classes he needed for his promotion, he just simply did not come home. Her world turned upside … Read More...