Today’s guest is Dr. Carla Cupido. She is passionate about bringing movement into everyday life and not just through exercise like you normally would everyday but integrating that into your daily activity seriously is so important – it makes sense from a scheduling and lifestyle perspective. Honestly everything she talks about sounds so much fun. Enjoy today’s episode.

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Naya Weber is a certified lactation consultant based in Austin, Texas. She teaches classes on breastfeeding education and blogs about motherhood, breastfeeding and more. In this podcast, Naya discusses topics such as what government support you could expect, what you shouldn’t be doing when breastfeeding; finally the must-have’s for breastfeeding moms.

Naya Weber. She is a wife and a mom of two boys, ages 7 and 3 1/2. She is also a lactation consultant where she helps families in the early stages of breastfeeding, working through issues they may have – like with latch or positioning, discomforts and/or questions on pumping. Naya works with an older infant whose about to transition to solid foods or with parents who are going back to work or anything that has to do with infant feeding, or transitioning to or away from breastfeeding.

Challenges. Breastfeeding …