Pam Larrichia is an author, a blogger and a mom of three. She breaks about unschooling to help parents look for ways to learn and enjoy fully with their family this unconventional choice. She discovered unschooling in 2002 and shares with us her learnings and the joy that she’s found thru unschooling.

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Language development is a huge part of a child’s progress and learning to speak is vital to their social developing, learning, and understanding. In today’s episode, Molly will talk us through some of the ways to help us encourage our babies to put their speech on the fast track.


Molly. She is a Speech Pathologist and Feeding Therapist in New York. She also manages a social media presence and website called “The Speech Teacher.” Her goal is to provide parents with quick and easy tips and activities that they can do at home with their children. Molly recently published “The Speech Teacher’s Handbook” on Amazon. It’s a quick and easy guide that parents can read in one sitting and it provides simple, fun and functional activities that can be implemented at home.

She volunteered at a Special Needs school where her … Read More...